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Peter Lepeniotis


Peter Lepeniotis is a Canadian animator, film director, screenwriter and producer. His prolific body of work includes the enormously successful film, The Nut Job, which Lepeniotis co-wrote and directed. Other films he has directed or animated include Casper, Gnome Alone, Toy Story 2, Disney’s Dinosaur, and Fantasia 2000.

Zombie Town

Michael Samonek


Michael Samonek is a writer and director, best known for No Strings Attached (2011), Editing Is Everything (1999) and Table for Three (2009). Michael has donned the writer’s role for several animated series for Universal, Disney, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Starz, Alcon Entertainment, Funny-or-Die, and others.

Zombie Town

Michael Schwartz


Michael Schwartz is known for The Nut Job (2014), ABCs of Death 2.5 (2016) and Gnome Alone (2017).

Zombie Town

Dean Wilkinson


Dean Wilkinson has been a comedy writer and scriptwriter for Kids TV, Animation, Games, Apps, Comics, and Books for over 30 years. He has written for Disney, Cbeebies, Nickelodeon, CITV, and Aardman among others. His best known works include SMTV Live Chums, Ant and Dec, and CBBC’s smash hit sketch show Stupid. He also writes on the console games LittleBigPlanet amongst many others. His writing has seen him pen scripts for the likes of Stephen fry, Hugh Laurie, Rik Mayall, John Cleese and Harry Hill to name but a few.

Zombie Town

R.L. Stine


R.L. Stine is a writer and producer, known for Goosebumps (2015), Fear Street: Part One – 1994 (2021) and Fear Street: Part Three – 1666 (2021). He’s been scaring people all around the world for a lot of years. So far, he has sold over 400-million books and his books have been translated into 35 languages, making him one of the best-selling authors in history.

“I am excited to see these books being brought to life. Children around the world will now be able to enjoy titles such as Zombie Town and Mostly Ghostly in a different way. Spooky movies are always a hit amongst young viewers and these will be real nail biting with a gripping visual narrative. I am confident that the teams from Lookout Entertainment, Toonz, Viva Pictures,and Trimuse Entertainment will entertain audiences like never before in bringing these titles to screen. I am just as excited as the fans of Zombie Town, Mostly Ghostly and Goosebumps around the world to watch these movies!” – R.L. STINE