Story by R.L. Stine

Mike hates horror movies with zombies. In fact, he’s scared of them. But no one knows that except his high school best friend, Amy. She, on the other hand, just loves zombie movies, especially ones made by legendary director Lee Carver.

His new zombie movie premieres in their hometown of Carverville— on Halloween. The director himself will be there to present the first showing! Mike is the projectionist at the movie theatre where “Zombie Town” will premiere on Halloween, and he really doesn’t want to see ANY zombie movie, especially not on Halloween.

But Mike’s secret crush on Amy compels him to show her the movie before the premiere. The two sit in the empty theatre to view the film. Mike switches on Carver’s old projector. To their surprise, they discover this 35mm film is cursed. The film sends out a magical transformational power — a blinding light explodes from the projector.

The entire town turns into soul-sucking zombies — except Amy and Mike. The two are alone. The power is out, and cell phones don’t work. While dodging zombies, the two friends try to discover what has happened. The only man who would know is Carver. Mike and Amy must get to Carver and request his help — without being turned into soul-sucking zombies themselves!